Diamond Circular Cutting Blade popular with the DIYer for a range of jobs

diamond circular cutting blade

Diamond Circular Cutting Blade

The Diamond Life® GM8 (Classic General Masonry blade) is a segmented entry level diamond blade designed with the needs of the DIY user in mind.  With a manganese steel core and high quality diamond content, the GM8 will cut a variety of general masonry applications with ease.

Popular with the DIYer for a range of jobs, such as cutting concrete slabs, slate, facing bricks, medium hard concrete floors, the GM8 can also be used to cut hard sandstone and block paviours, and, for occasional use, it is suitable for sandstone, gritstone, clay pipes, hard facing bricks and clay roofing tiles.

Global Diamond Tool Main Slider 5If you are looking for a value-for-money diamond cutting blade which offers high performance over a  range of general applications, the GM8 is the ideal choice, and is currently available at unbeatable prices.

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