Using Diamond Life® diamond cutting blades for circular saw cut-off tools safely

Every single Diamond Life® product is individually tested inspected to the most rigorous of safety standards. All are certified to EC Standard EN13236 and adhere to strict quality control systems. Used correctly, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and for the appropriate application (see our Application Chart), Diamond Life® diamond cutting blades for cut-off machines and circular saws can be used with complete safety.

For your personal safety when using Diamond Life® diamond cutting circular blades we recommend that you

  • Always read and adhere to the instructions printed on the inside of the carton
  • Always wear suitable ear defenders
  • Always wear eye protection
  • Always use suitable dust protection, wear a face mask or respirator
  • Always wear gloves
  • Always wear suitable footwear with toe protection
  • Always ensure that the material to be cut is not hand held

Before using a Diamond Life® diamond cutting blade always check that

  • The circular saw or cut-off machine is set to the correct speed (as indicated on the labelling on all Diamond Life® blades)
  • There is no damage to the diamond cutting blade
  • There is no warping of the diamond cutting blade
  • The diamond cutting blade is lowered into the material to be cut at a suitable rate
  • The material to be cut is not handheld or foot restrained

General safety information when using cut-off tools

  • Always ensure that the correct diamond cutting blade has been selected for the proposed application (see Application Chart or contact our technical support staff on 01562 888488)
  • Ensure that the circular saw is disconnected from any power supply, where appropriate, when fitting a new diamond cutting blade or disc
  • Always check that the cut-off machine you are operating complies with all health & safety standards and that it is of the correct specification. It should also have been serviced to a satisfactory standard, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • The operator of the machinery should be suitably qualified and trained in accordance with Health & Safety regulations
  • The site should be appropriately laid out with warning signs and barriers if necessary
  • If using electrically powered equipment, the machine is of the correct voltage and that the supply is adequate both in terms of power supply and compliance to site electricity supply regulations.

A petrol saw is the most common hand-held machine used for cutting-off using wheels and saws from 300 to 400mm diameter. Cutting-off, also known as cutting, sawing, slitting, gapping and parting, is made using diamond cutting discs. You should always refer to the safety recommendations applying to the type of wheel or saw you are using on your machine.

Our in-house Technical support staff are always on hand to assist with any queries regarding diamond cutting blade specifications for any particular application and a representative is always available to visit your site to discuss any specific requirements or issues you may have.