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Mortar Raking Blades

  • Mortar Rake – Raking Disc. Diamond Blade Premier Range MRP

    Mortar Raking Disc For Angle Grinder. Diamond mortar rake, mortar raking tool

    Mortar Rake. Diamond Mortar Raking Blade designed specifically to remove mortar from joints in brick and block work with a 6.4mm wide segment to reduce time and effort ready for repointing.

    Diamond Mortar Rakes ideal for raking out mortar and a full range of Diamond Cutting Discs are available from Global Diamond Tools.

    Recommended Any mortar removal application. Repointing Tool.
    Segmented Height 10mm
    Dry/Wet Dry
    Segment Laser welded standard segment construction
    Segment Protected No
    Sizes 115mm, 125mm6
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    Mortar Rake. Mortar Raking Disc. Diamond Blade Premier Range MRP


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