Work hard, Work safe!

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The tool that injures the most construction workers every year is the angle grinder and cut-off saw – these tools should only be operated under extreme caution and preferably only by experienced operators. The average DIYer can be unaware of their potentially lethal danger.

The majority of injuries occur from an abrasive blade shattering, diamond-blade segment loss, or the angle grinder or cut-off saw kicking back. Any one of these scenarios is potentially fatal, with a high percentage of non-fatal injuries requiring hospitalisation.

While nothing is one-hundred percent preventable, there are steps that can be taken to drastically reduce the possibility of injury.

Do not use silicon-carbide blades, often referred to as throwaway blades. Silicon-carbide blades are more likely to end in death than a diamond-blade should they shatter. Opt instead for a Global Diamond Cutting Blade, they are reliable, made to the highest standards and are blades that you can trust.

Make sure the blade being used has not been damaged (cracking, chipping, exposure to water, etc.). You should never reuse the same blade on different days. It is important to be positive you are not running the blade at a higher RPM than recommended, and never tilt the saw to the left or right while cutting.

Work hard and work safe.