Month: October 2017

Concrete Cutting – why dust control is important

Concrete Cutting throws up a lot of dangerous dust. Stones, rocks, sands and clays contain large amounts of crystalline silica and are used to make kerbs, flags, bricks, tiles and concrete. Cutting these materials produces airborne dust containing very fine Respirable crystalline silica (RCS) particles. These particles are small and it is not always possible to see the RCS …Read more»

Selecting the Correct Diamond Blade for your job.

Global Diamond Blades are designed for specific purposes such as blades designed specifically to cut marble and asphalt. However, Global Diamond Tools do offer a wide range of multi purpose blades – we have the blade you need, whatever the job. Global Diamond Blades are designed for specific uses include marble, granite, concrete, asphalt and masonry. Selecting the correct …Read more»