Author: Ryan Dolan

Cut-off Saws – the do’s and dont’s

Cut-off saws (variously known as disc cutters, skill saws, Stihl saws, con saws or ‘whizzers’) are widely used in the construction industry. Diamond tip blades cut more quickly than abrasive wheels. Normally a blade with a diamond tip will cut a paving slab in about one minute. Using water significantly increases the life of the wheels/discs as …Read more»

Concrete Cutting with a Circular Saw

Concrete Cutting throws up a lot of dangerous dust. Stones, rocks, sands and clays contain large amounts of crystalline silica and are used to make kerbs, flags, bricks, tiles and concrete. Cutting these materials produces airborne dust containing very fine Respirable crystalline silica (RCS) particles. These particles are small and it is not always possible to see the RCS …Read more»

Tile Cutting Diamond Blades

Diamond Tile Cutting Blade and Porcelain Tile Cutter Our classic range of diamond tile cutting discs are designed to give a clean, chip free cut in ceramic, clay and granite tiles, particularly effective in porcelain and marble. The thin core and fine diamond blade profile delivers easy, smooth and fast cuts. Recommended All types ceramic – clay …Read more»

Protect your lungs when using cut-off saws

If you are working in highway paving construction or maintenance work, it is highly likely that you use a cut-off saw (also known as a disc cutter, a con saw or a ‘whizzer’). Cutting kerbs, paving or blocks can produce enormous amounts of dust (stone dust). The stone dust will contain some very fine dust …Read more»

Using your cut-off saw safely

Diamond Blade Cutting Do’s Always refer to manufacturer’s operating manual for proper blade specifications, setup, as well as blade and machine maintenance. Inspect the blade often, checking for damage or fatigue – a damaged blade can be dangerous. Check mounting flanges for equal diameter, excessive wear or flatness. Mount the blade correctly and securely – …Read more»

Blade problems. Diamond Cutting Blades

Blade problems. Choose the right Diamond Cutting Blade and cutting discs for your circular saw, cut-off machine. There are a few key points to bear in mind when selecting a diamond cutting blade, but probably the single most important point is to use the correct blade for the material you are going to cut. There are …Read more»

Best Value Diamond Cutting Saw Blade for Multi-Purpose Use

Diamond Cutting Blade – Classic Range MPC Diamond Blade. Multi-purpose Classic range laser-welded diamond blade with 10mm segment height and deep draft segments for undercutting protection. The unique bond and diamond content mean this diamond blade is suitable for use with a wide range of materials from abrasives to medium hard concrete. Offering excellent performance …Read more»

Best Value Diamond Cutting Saw Blade for General Masonry

Diamond Cutting Blade – Classic Range GM8 A segmented, entry level diamond blade ideal for General Masonry. Manganese Steel core and quality diamond content make this the ideal blade for the cost conscious user. Recommended Concrete Slabs – Slate – Facing Brick – Medium Hard Concrete – Concrete Floors Diamond Blade – Classic Range GM8

Work hard, Work safe!

The tool that injures the most construction workers every year is the angle grinder and cut-off saw – these tools should only be operated under extreme caution and preferably only by experienced operators. The average DIYer can be unaware of their potentially lethal danger. The majority of injuries occur from an abrasive blade shattering, diamond-blade segment loss, or …Read more»