Working safely – some tips from Global Diamond

Working Safely Construction Worker On Site Holding Circular Saw

Working safely – Cut-off saws use a circular blades rotate at extremely high speeds.

Global Diamond Supply high performance quality Diamond Cutting blades. When you use our blades we want you to be safe she here are our tips to ensure you cut safely and don’t endanger yourself or others.

Here are a few tips to consider BEFORE you use your Cut-Off Saw.


  • Eye protection – flying wastes/disc fragments
  • Hearing protection – due to extreme noise
  • Dust filtering mask – when exposed to dust
  • Protective footwear – in case tool is dropped
  • Gloves – flying objects and vibration


Cutoff saws expose users to the following hazards:

  • Noise from engine and cutting action
  • Vibration transmitted through handles
  • Dust that contains silica from cutting concrete
  • Flying objects as saw makes the cut
  • Pinch points


  • Check the Blade is not cracked, chipped or warped
  • Check the Blade is not excessively worn
  • Check blade guards are present and adjusted
  • Make sure you are wearing personal safety gear – as shown above.


  • Try to limit the amount of people or bystanders in the area when you are cutting
  • Use the saw only for its intended application
  • Make sure you choose the right cutting disc for the material you are going to cut – Our guide will help you choose the right blade
  • Always leave guards in place when cutting
  • Ensure the guards in good condition
  • Only adjust guards with the saw OFF
  • Adjust the guard before cutting
  • Use wet methods when cutting concrete – to reduce dust
  • Remove cutting blade when transporting a saw – transportation movement can damage a blade.
  • Mount cutting blade with the correct tools
  • Inspect your cutting blade for cracks, warping, overheating or excessive wear BEFORE USE.
  • Start the cut-off  saw properly, on the ground – never “jerk start” cutoff saws.
  • Don’t set saw down until the blade has stopped!
  • Never “hand off” or pass a cut-off saw to a colleague with the blade rotating!

With proper use and a little common sense circular saws can be used safely without risk.

Be safe, wear the right gear, choose the right blade and be careful!