Multi-Purpose Diamond Circular Saw Cutting Blade

Multi-Purpose Blades Classic Range MPC

Multi-Purpose Diamond Cutting Blade

Global Diamond Multi-purpose Classic range laser-welded diamond blade with 10mm segment height and deep draft segments for undercutting protection.

The unique bond and diamond content mean this diamond blade is suitable for use with a wide range of materials from abrasives to medium hard concrete.
Offering excellent performance and great value-for-money.

Ideal for use on:

Clay Pipes/Paviours – Clay Roofing Tiles – Hard Facing Bricks – Steel Reinforced Lintels – Concrete Floors – Concrete Slabs – Slate – Facing Bricks – Medium Hard Concrete – Hard Sandstone – Block Paviours – Gritstone – Sandstone – Asphalt over Concrete – Breeze Blocks – Thermal Blocks

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