Asphalt and Ground Concrete cutting with a Global Diamond Cutting Blade.

diamond cutting blade Concrete Cutting

Depending on the Aggregates used in Concrete for Groundwork (whether its cured or not) can have a major effect on a diamond cutting blade. Uncured concrete is normally easy to cut but can be highly abrasive.

The right diamond cutting blade for the job makes all the difference. You get a longer life to your blade and quicker, cleaner cuts by ensuring that you choose the most appropriate blade for the material to be cut. Global Diamond Tools sell a comprehensive range of diamond cutting blades for a nearly all applications. Our Multi-Purpose or General Masonry blades can be used for cutting general concretes, or you could use one of our Specialist level diamond saw blades for Abrasive Materials – Specialist AAX – Diamond Blade – arguably the best performing diamond blade in its class, with laser welded standard segment construction with deep draft segment protection to expel the abrasive slurry. This results in a long-life blade for ground cutting.
Diamond Blade Cut Off Saw cutting through concrete - cured concrete choose our Specialist quality diamond saw blade for Hard Materials – Specialist range HMX – with enhanced diamond content and modified bond to give additional life and speed of cut, one of the best performing Hard Material diamond blades in its class.
The Diamond Life range of diamond cutting blades from Global Diamond Tools offers exceptional performance and quality, and the breadth of the range means we can supply a suitable blade for almost any application, offering the best cost-per-cut. If you need more information please contact our in-house Helpdesk on 01562 888 488.