Make safety your number one priority when using diamond cutting blades and cut-off saws.

Whether you are a trained contractor or a DIY homeowner you should be aware of any safety issues when using diamond blade cut-off saws.

Diamond blade cutting equipment is potentially very dangerous and should be handled with care, a 300mm diamond blade mounted on a petrol hand-held saw can rotate at up to 6,300 rpm so it’s easy to see why safety has to be your number one priority.

Global Diamond Cutting Blades are designed for specific applications, such as cutting hard or abrasive materials or wet-and-dry cutting situations. due to these variations, it’s important that the correct diamond blade is used for the appropriate job.

• Always choose the right blade for the right material refer to our blade specifications for the material to be cut and suitability for dry or wet-cutting applications.

• Always Inspect the diamond cutting blade for any damage (even if it is new).

• Check the diamond blade during use for fatigue cracks, core flatness, segment damage, undercutting or damage to the arbor hole, all of these can cause a blade to be less effective in use and increase the risk of an accident.

• Check the blade mounting flanges making sure they are of the correct diameter and do not show excessive wear.

• Make sure that the diamond blade is mounted on the correct diameter blade shaft between blade flanges and is securely hand-tightened in position.

• Check the machine operating manual for the correct maintenance and operating conditions:

• Check the blade guard is in place and properly secured before operating.

• Ensure there is a continuous water flow to each side of wet-cutting blades, helps to maintain blade life and cutting efficiency.

• Know and follow all of the blade’s and saw’s safety rules.