Author: Sarah Hughes

Diamond Blades – Sintered or Laser-Welded?

Diamond blades are used extensively throughout most construction-related industries. They offer the safest and most efficient way of cutting a range of materials from brick and stone, to concrete and paving slabs, as well as multi-purpose diamond blades which perform well over a variety of applications. Diamond blades cut a range of construction materials The …Read more»

We’ve Expanded Our Classic Range of Diamond Blades!

Global Diamond Tools has increased its Diamond Life® range with the addition of three new diamond blades to its Classic level collection. The three new laser-welded blades have been introduced to the Multi-Purpose, Concrete/Hard Materials and Abrasive Materials ranges and are designed to cut various materials in a range of environments on a day-to-day basis, …Read more»

Diamond Polishing Pads For High Shine Stonework

Diamond polishing pads offer a quick and effective method of polishing granite, marble and other stone materials and are ideal for the professional stone mason, kitchen fitter and other sectors, such as monumental stonemasons. The huge popularity of granite and marble as a surface in kitchens has meant that there has been a surge in …Read more»

Training in the Construction Industry

Serious questions have been raised about the future of training in the construction industry, the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) is set to axe more than 30 percent of its staff, leading to more problems for an industry already plagued with skills’ shortages. The construction industry needs all the support and training it can get, …Read more»

Lock Up Your Power Tools!

Power tools are the most stolen item from building sites and workers in the construction trade. A Yorkshire-based security equipment installation and servicing company has found that smaller, easy-to-fence items are more likely to be stolen. The report found that while site and contractor van security has improved greatly in recent years, the building site …Read more»

Using Your Diamond Blades Safely

Diamond Blades can be dangerous if not handled professionally and correctly. Safe use is not just common sense: it can actually make you cutting job easier and also extend the life of your blade. Diamond tip blades cut more quickly than abrasive wheels. Normally a blade with a diamond tip will cut a paving slab in about …Read more»


The vast array of cutting blades available on the market today means that it is ever more important to be well-informed about the purpose and correct usage of the diamond blade you are selecting, both from a cost and a safety point of view.  Getting it right can save valuable time as well as initial outlay, and …Read more»