Tips for cutting with diamond cutting wheels/blades.


First ensure the object to be cut:
– is fully supported
– is secured so it cannot roll or slip off
– is prevented from vibrating.

The sequence of the cuts is important. Always make the last cut so that the cutting wheel does not become jammed
ensuring that you are not endangered by the severed or separated part.
If necessary, leave small ridges that hold the part that is to be separated in position. Break these ridges later.

Before finally separating the part, determine:
– how heavy the part is
– how it can move after separation
– whether it is under tension
Cut in several passes, mark a cutting line and work along the cutting line. When making corrections, do not tilt the
cutting wheel, always re-set the cutting wheel against the workpiece anew – the cutting depth for each operation should not exceed 5 to 6 cm. Cut thicker materials in multiple passes. Cut large wall thicknesses with even back and forth movements.