Year: 2016

Be safe when you use your cut-off circular saw.

A circular saw or cut-off saw can be used for a variety of operations in the construction trade, namely cutting steel, concrete, bricks, blocks or asphalt. It is important you select the right blade for the job you want to carry out. A cut-off saw’s diamond cutting wheel/blade rotates at extremely high speeds. The blade of the saw …Read more»

Transporting and storing your Diamond Cutting Blades

Diamond Cutting blades/wheels for cut-off machines are exposed to extremely high loads especially during freehand cutting, so it is important that you store and transport your blades carefully to preserve their core strength and quality. – Do not expose your diamond cutting blades to direct sunshine or other thermal stresses during transport and storage – Avoid jolting and impacts – Stack …Read more»

Tips for cutting with diamond cutting wheels/blades.

First ensure the object to be cut: – is fully supported – is secured so it cannot roll or slip off – is prevented from vibrating. The sequence of the cuts is important. Always make the last cut so that the cutting wheel does not become jammed ensuring that you are not endangered by the severed or separated part. If necessary, …Read more»

Working safely with diamond blade cut-off machines (circular saws).

The cutting wheel (diamond cutting blade) must be guided straight in the cut, without wedging. Never exert lateral pressure on the cutting blade. Do not stand in line with the cutting blade. Do not lean too far forwards and never bend over the cutting blade, especially when the deflector has been pulled back. Don’t cut above shoulder height. Do not press down …Read more»

Be prepared for the deadly dust cloud

Cutting with cut-off Saws – Wear good quality respirators. Every day landscapers and construction workers use petrol driven cut-off saws (disc cutters) to cut slabs, bricks, block paviours, roofing tiles and a host of other materials. Natural stone and concrete materials used in landscaping and construction contain Silica, and in some instances the material can be up to …Read more»

Always wear protective gear and choose the right diamond blade

Council fined £500k for safety failings A London council has been fined after a road worker suffered a serious injury whilst cutting trees using a Sthil cut-off saw fitted with an inappropriate blade. Southwark Crown Court heard how the employee of London Borough of Havering sustained a serious cut injury just above his left knee. The blade …Read more»